Glary Wu Hoi Yan

Glary Wu (b.1996, Hong Kong) is a contemporary Hong Kong artist. She graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University with a Bachelor of Visual Art degree in 2019.

Wu transforms the familiarity of daily life into an expressive painting language that through her works, connects her and the society. The artist finds inspiration from easily overlooked details from daily life, as well as from writers, sociologists, and even the strangers that she photographs. Creative sparks from her multidisciplinary approach inspires Wu to express both the tangible and intangible aspects of emotions through her works in a poetic way.

In Wu’s paintings, reality imitates theatre, including sceneries and different people; the dialogue between elements and characters in the same space is key, adding a dash of imagination in pieces, to accentuate the human mind through static surroundings and changing sceneries.