Lau Hong Lam 劉杭霖


Lau Hong Lam is a Hong Kong artist specialising in printmaking. Trained at the Hong Kong Baptist University (Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) with Honours) Degree) and also an exchange program stint at the Accademia de Belle Arti di Bologna in Italy, Lau has focused on creating art with the classical intaglio printmaking technique since the beginning of his artistic career.

Lau works often feature still life and mythology, using symbols and puns to express views about the world and daily life. Reflecting the classical inspirations and technique, Lau’s works exude a sense of harmony and tranquility, with highly intricate details, sometimes almost intentionally cryptic, waiting to be discovered by the viewer. As a twist to the otherwise solemn looking compositions, Lau often playfully injects a humour and an air of nonchalance to his works.

In recent years, Lau has concentrated on the use of mezzotint, the monochromatic process of the intaglio family of technique, allowing for softer gradations of tone and achieving richer velvety blacks. Mezzotint is a technique that is rarely used as it is a painstaking and time consuming procedure. Combined with his own style of illustration, design and narrative, Lau aims to further define his trademark style that are exemplary in both technique and content.