Fung Wing Yan

Fung Wing Yan was born in Hong Kong in 1988. She graduated from Hong Kong  Baptist University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours), majoring in Visual  Arts. 

Fung's work focus on ceramic and Chinese ink painting. Her work is based on  everyday life, nature and life cycle. Fung’s ideas on ceramic works inspired by  her observations on the relationship between the object and the user. It’s  subtle but fun. Fung always thinks that eating is not just for making you full,  but also for taking care of your inner -self. Therefore, the utensils designed by  Fung, in addition to being practical, will make people feel warm and cheerful  as well. Fung’s illustrations and ceramics works well together to make people  smile. 

Painting is an important way for Fung to settle her thoughts and talk to herself.  Fascinated by children’s innocence and freedom, Fung liked to depict fat  children at her early stage of painting. Since one of her family member passed  away in 2014, she decided to use ink to render the universe. The universe is  boundless, the space is endless. No sky and no earth. In the universe she  depicted, there are children carrying out various activities. The size of the  children is relatively small. The figure is simple, yet the feeling is intense.  Fung began to think about how to live her life and learn to be part of nature. 

Fung's prefer calm and casual attitude towards life is reflected in her works,  making her works feel simplicity and lovely.